The Department of Philosophy awards the following prizes to outstanding undergraduate students in the department.

Kalish Prize

KalishThe Kalish Prize for Intellectual Excellence is given annually in memory of Donald Kalish. Each year the faculty of the Department of Philosophy award this prize to one or more of their most promising undergraduate students.

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Bragin Prize

The Bragin Prize was awarded Spring 2004 to Chris Prodoehl for his paper “Malament’s Result and Conventionality in Simultaneity,” the best paper in the philosophy of science from an undergraduate major or minor in Philosophy.

Gloria Rock Prize

The Gloria Rock Award recognizes outstanding graduating senior philosophy majors from underrepresented groups in philosophy who plan to attend graduate school in philosophy. Professor Rock completed her dissertation at UCLA in 1976 and was among the first set of women to receive a doctorate in philosophy at the university. She spent her career teaching at CSU Fullerton. The award honors Professor Rock’s membership in the vanguard of gender integration in philosophy and in our department.

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