Philosophy Writing Center (PWC)

Get Philosophy-specific advice on your writing at the PWC

New for the 2023-24 academic year, the UCLA Philosophy Department has created a Philosophy Writing Center (PWC) within the UCLA Undergraduate Writing Center.

At the PWC, students in Philosophy courses can get one-on-one Philosophy-specific advice on their writing from fellow Philosophy undergraduate majors, minors, and/or recent BA alumni who are trained as Peer Learning Facilitators (PLFs).

PLFs can assist with any kind of papers at any stage of the writing process. That includes help identifying a topic, formulating a thesis, organizing your ideas, incorporating and citing sources, or learning to proofread effectively. Make an appointment for help on a particular assignment, or set up regular appointments throughout the quarter to work on improving your writing.

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For information more specific to the PWC, please email Professor Roush ( or Christine Holten (