Philosophy Club

Welcome to the Undergraduate Philosophy Club at UCLA!

Weekly Meetings

Our weekly meetings are held every Tuesday at 6 pm in Dodd 399. The club’s meetings often explore topics not commonly covered in undergraduate courses.

Our quarterly activities include: philosophically themed movie nights, faculty presentations, a symposium social, and shark-flying. Our annual activities include: the meditations journal, an undergraduate conference, an intra-club debate, several inter-club discussions, and graduate student panel over applications and issues of diversity (hosted in partnership with Minorities and Philosophy).

We are open to any and all who are interested. Don’t worry if you’re not a philosophy major – we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Please feel free to message us for more information or to be added to our emailing list.

Also join our Facebook page for information on weekly topics and readings and other deep and meaningful things.

Apply to Present

If would like to present over a topic at a meeting, then please email us with answers to the following questions. Please attach any supporting materials (e.g. handouts, powerpoint, video) that you plan on using in the presentation. We will respond to you within one week.

  1. What’s your full name?
  2. If applicable, what is/are your major(s) and minor(s)?
  3. On what upcoming meetings are you available to give this presentation?
  4. Would you use any supporting materials in addition to those attached?
  5. How involved are you with the UPC?
  6. Please give a brief synopsis of your presentation’s content (no more than 300 words).
  7. How will you make this topic accessible to our members?
  8. Do you agree to arrive punctually and avoid foul language while presenting?

Reading Groups

The UCLA Undergraduate Philosophy Club also has a book club that meets weekly. We read and discuss together during the meeting, so no reading needs to be done in advance. If you are interested in finding more about the book club, be it general or procedural information or about our current schedule and meeting place, please message us to join our GroupMe.

2023 – 2024 Club & Journal Officers:

Quinton Wood (President), Vacant Position (Vice President), Carson Bissey (Secretary), Vacant Position (Treasurer), Logan Cary (Book Club Liaison), Brendan Bacon (Meditations Journal Chief Editor)