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General Enrollment Tips

– If a class or section is listed as “Cancelled,” that usually means it will NOT be taking place.
– If a class or section is listed as “Closed,” that may mean there is a chance it will be opened, usually varying on department TA availability.
– If a course’s instructor is listed as “Staff,” this usually means that the instructor will be a visiting lecturer, and he or she is not in the UCLA system yet. To find out who the instructor will be, check the PDF version of the schedule above. If not listed there, it is likely that the instructor is not yet known.
– A class beginning with a “C” (such as Phil C115, Phil C153B) indicates that there is a possible graduate component of the course.
– A class beginning with an “M” (such as Phil M103A, Phil M102) indicates that the class is cross-listed; i.e., it may be being offered in another department under a different name. If you take the class through the other department, you will receive the same credit toward your philosophy major or minor as if you had taken it in the philosophy department.
– If you are interested in enrolling in a course that is already full, you may try messaging the instructor and/or TA of the course. You can find most contact information for instructors and TAs on the “People” section of this website, also linked to here.
– If you are trying to enroll in a course but are unable to do so because of a prerequisite that you satisfied at another institution, please contact the staff advisers at (310) 825-4641 or at this email.