Instructor Office Hours

Fall 2023

InstructorCourseOffice HoursLocation
Armstrong, JoshPhilosophy 272: Topics in Philosophy of Mind and Language
Burge, TylerPhilosophy 170: Philosophy of Mind: Lecture 1
Burge, TylerPhilosophy C115: Kant
Cardwell, TristenPhilosophy 132: Logic, Second Course
Dewitt, JanellePhilosophy 152A: Topics in Moral Philosophy: Emotions and Psychology of Good and Evil
Greenberg, MarkPhilosophy M257: Philosophy Legal Theory
Greenberg, M.D.Philosophy 281: Seminar: Philosophy of Mind
Herman, BarbaraPhilosophy 200A: Seminar for First Year Graduate StudentsThursday
Hsu, AndrewPhilosophy 117: Late 19th and Early 20th Century Philosophy: Wittgenstein's Tractatus
Johnson, MarkPhilosophy M175: Topics in Philosophy of Religion: Lecture 1Monday/Wednesday
Dodd Hall 395
Johnson, MarkPhilosophy 177B: Historical Studies in Existentialism: Hannah Arendt and Existentialist Analyses of The Human Condition
Kaplan, DavidPhilosophy C127A: Philosophy of Language: On Sense and NominatumWednesday/Friday
Luvalle Patio (unless raining)
Levy, StevenPhilosophy 31:
Logic, First Course
Dodd Hall 342
McHose, BradleyPhilosophy 115A: Medical Ethics: Lecture 1
McHose, BradleyPhilosophy 6: Introduction to Philosophy
Mendell, HenryPhilosophy 100A: History of Greek PhilosophyMonday/Wednesday
Dodd 395
Michaelson, EliotPhilosophy 184: Topics in Metaphysics of ColorMonday
Dodd Hall 373
Rescorla, M.A,Philosophy 7: Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
Rescorla, M.A.Philosophy C113B: Probability and Inductive Logic: Lecture 1
Shiffrin, SeanaPhilosophy 153A: Topics of Ethical Theory: Normative Ethics: Truth-Telling and PromisingTuesday/Thursday
2:10PM - 3:10PM
Glickman Court
Smith, SheldonPhilosophy 8: Introduction to Philosophy of ScienceMonday/Wednesday
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Dodd Hall 358
Smith, SheldonPhilosophy 130: Philosophy of Space and TimeMonday/Wednesday
Dodd Hall 358
Shiffrin, SeanaPhilosophy M256: Topics in Legal Philosophy, Free Speech TheoryTuesday/Thursday
2:10PM - 3:10PM
Sridharan, VishnuPhilosophy M257: Topics in Legal Philosophy, Prisons and PunishmentTuesday