The Department of Philosophy awards the following prizes to outstanding graduate students in the department.

Yost Prize

Yost Prize is given annually in honor of Robert M. Yost for excellent performance as a teaching assistant.

View a list of Yost Prize winners here.

Carnap Prize

The Rudolf and Ina Carnap Prize is given annually in memory of Rudolf and Ina Carnap for excellent philosophical writing by a graduate student.

View a list of Carnap prize essayists here.


Logic and Language Prize

The Logic and Language Prize is an essay competition established in honor of Rudolf Carnap and David Kaplan. Due to a generous gift from former student Michael Suppes, the prize recognizes the best essay or polished dissertation chapter on logic, the philosophy of logic, or the philosophy of language.

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Departmental Teaching Award

The Departmental Teaching Award is given annually in recognition of excellent teaching by a graduate student.

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