• A photo of Brittany Bolden
    Brittany Bolden Personnel and Payroll Coordinator
    Office: Dodd Hall 331 | Phone: 310-825-0452 |

    Brittany is responsible for both Academic and Staff Personnel and Payroll. This includes:

    • Academic Personnel: Faculty and lecturer recruitment, hiring, merits, and promotions
    • Student Employment: Hiring TAs, GSRs, Tutors, and Readers
    • Visiting Scholar and Visiting Graduate Student Researcher appointments
    • Payroll
    • Benefits
  • A photo of Luke Breinig
    Luke Breinig Department Technology Analyst
    Office: Dodd 235 | Phone: 310-825-5247 |

    The Department Technology Analyst handles basic computer needs for faculty, staff, and graduate students within the department. This includes:

    • Installation of site licensed software
    • Microsoft Exchange E-mail accounts
    • Printing help, basic desktop help, and hardware troubleshooting
  • A photo of Ellen Evaristo
    Ellen Evaristo Program & Media Manager
    Office: Dodd 321 | Phone: 310-794-4159 |

    Ellen is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing all print, electronic, and web communication for the Department of Philosophy. This includes:

    • Manage and maintain all website, publicity, and social media for the Department of Philosophy
    • Produce Colloquy, the bi-annual department newsletter
    • Design and develop alumni outreach initiatives
    • Coordinate department events and activities including a speaker series, public lecture, and various guest speakers
  • A photo of Julian Fischer
    Julian Fischer Reading Room and Events Coordinator
    Office: Dodd Hall 300 | Phone: 310-825-1669 |

    Julian manages the Reading Room and helps to organize the Department’s academic conferences and events. This includes:

    • Travel arrangements, reimbursements, and honoraria for outside speakers and event guests
    • Purchasing for conferences and guest speaker events
    • Requests for new books for the Reading Room
    • Office supply orders
  • A photo of Belen Garcia
    Belen Garcia Department Coordinator
    Office: Dodd 321 | Phone: 310-825-4642 |

    Belen is the department coordinator and supervises the front office and provides support in student affairs, events, finance, and development. This includes:

    • Front Office: Textbook orders, keys, parking, instructional equipment, and supervision of Work-Study students
    • Student Affairs: Grade changes, course substitutions, departmental honors, contract course enrollment, sending graduate placement letters
    • Scheduling: Quarterly schedule, summer sessions schedule, room changes and reservations, variable topics courses
    • Events: Fall Reception and Spring Commencement
    • Finance: Graduate student non-travel and travel-related reimbursements; Faculty research-related purchases and reimbursements
  • A photo of Doug Myers
    Doug Myers Student Affairs Officer
    Office: Dodd Hall 329 | Phone: 310-206-1356 |

    Doug provides academic and administrative advising for graduate and undergraduate students in the department. This includes:

    • Graduate Affairs: Funding and fellowships, admissions, supervision of placement, and monitoring progress toward the degree
    • Undergraduate Affairs: All undergraduate advising
    • Courses and Scheduling: Academic year teaching schedule, course catalog changes
    • Coordination of Teaching Assistant applications and offers
  • A photo of Bret Nighman
    Bret Nighman Acting Manager
    Office: Dodd Hall 100 | Phone: 310-206-4717 |

    Bret is responsible for department operations and manages all administrative services in relation to staffing, teaching, programs, and acts as the fund manager. This includes:

    • Management of departmental projects and initiatives
    • Recruitment and supervision of staff personnel
    • Departmental accounting, reporting, and financial recordkeeping
    • Administration of faculty research funds, including research-related purchases and reimbursements
    • Overseeing of department facilities and space planning, and Emergency and Building Coordinator