Philosophy of Language Workshop

The Philosophy of Language Workshop meets most quarters on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM in the Philosophy Common Room (Dodd 399). Officially this is a graduate course, but most attendees are not enrolled — participants are mostly faculty and graduate students from graduate programs in Philosophy or Linguistics within driving distance of UCLA, and others who are visiting the area. All faculty and graduate students are welcome. Topics vary from quarter to quarter, and sometimes during the quarter. Sometimes a departmental colloquium speaker is enticed into leading a workshop discussion. The format is usually informal, with ample discussion. (Sometimes people try to present material in an organized fashion, and sometimes they are somewhat successful.) Topics vary from general to technical.

There are two email lists for the Philosophy of Language Workshop:

  1. LangWork-L is for daily and weekly messages sent to current participants in the workshop. If you are on this list you may/will get lots of routine messages. You may put yourself on or take yourself off this list here.
  2. LangWorkQuarter-L is for quarterly announcements about the workshop activities in the coming quarter. If you are on this list you should get one message per quarter. If you are on the LangWork-L list there is no reason to use this list as well. You may put yourself on or take yourself off this here.

Mind and Language Workshop

The Mind and Language Workshop meets each quarter; students working in the areas of the philosophy of mind and language, broadly construed, present and discuss current work.

Ethics Workshop

The Ethics Workshop is a forum for graduate students who have successfully completed the Proposition and who are working on dissertations in ethics (very broadly construed) to present to one another works in progress.  It is designed to facilitate the research and writing of dissertation proposals and chapters, to give people practice presenting and responding to work in the standard 50-minute format, and to foster the development of an intellectual community.

Joining the Ethics Workshop is a commitment for the academic year: members are expected to attend every meeting for every quarter so long as they are in residence (i.e., living in the greater LA area).  If you cannot make a meeting, you are expected to read the paper that was presented and send a question or comments to the author.

Legal Theory Workshop

The Legal Theory Workshop, which is offered regularly throughout the the year, brings prominent speakers from other universities. Students are encouraged to attend. You can find a schedule for the workshop here.