The Cultural Analysis and Social Ethics Lab


The Cultural Analysis and Social Ethics (CASE) Lab is a collaborative, experimental, and problem-centered space for bringing humanistic inquiry to bear on pressing questions of social justice. We are composed of an evolving team of faculty researchers, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, and affiliate scholars from outside UCLA. As an ethics and justice-oriented lab, we aim to create and foster a space for humanities research that centers on pressing social problems.


“Clearing the Ground in EDI: Philosophy, Race Theory, and the Diversity Industry”

The “Clearing the Ground in EDI” (CGEDI) Project is a meta-study of the diversity industry funded by the Mellon Foundation’s Higher Learning initiative on race and racialization in the United States. We pursue questions concerning the efficacy, assessment, and framing of equity, diversity, and inclusion programs in higher education, business, and other sectors.


Faculty Director: Professor Paul C. Taylor, Presidential Professor of Philosophy, UCLA

Postdoctoral Research Fellows: Lisa Madura, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Race and Social Ethics, UCLA

Affiliate Graduate Researchers: Jennifer Lowell, Graduate Fellow, Vanderbilt University


The University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Philosophy


Paul C. Taylor:

Lisa Madura: