B.A., Yale University (2005)
Ph.D., Rutgers University (2011)



Please visit my personal website for pdfs, abstracts, and works in progress.

Works in progress

  • “The Geometry of Pictorial Representation”
  • “The Structure of Visual Content”
  • “Counterfactuals and Modality”
  • “Point of View and Incremental Interpretation in Film”, with Sam Cumming, Rory Kelly, and Elsi Kaiser.


I regularly teach the following undergraduate courses:

  • Philosophy 7: Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy 133: Computational Theory of Mind
  • Philosophy 161: Visual Representation

I’ve taught the following graduate seminars:

  • Computation and Cognition
  • Pictorial Semantics
  • Semantics of Irreality (with Jessica Rett)
  • Iconic and Symbolic Representation
  • 80’s Classics (aka Naturalizing Intentionality)
  • Visual Objects
  • Indexicality