In Memoriam: Herb Morris

Published: December 16, 2022

Herbert Morris was a seminal figure in the tradition of research and teaching in law and philosophy at UCLA, a tradition that he participated in for seven decades and that flourishes today. He did highly influential work on a cluster of issues related to moral and legal responsibility, including questions about punishment, guilt, shame, and forgiveness. But his ideas and writing always ranged widely. He trained as a psychoanalyst, and had an abiding interest in psychoanalytic themes. In 2019, at the age of 91, he published an essay on the soul. In recent years, his research and teaching focused on the intersection of philosophy with art and literature. In his 90s, he continued to teach a popular course on philosophy and literature and to be a lively and beloved presence at law and philosophy events.  One part of his legacy is the biannual Herbert Morris lecture in law and philosophy, which has brought many leading figures in the field to UCLA. Thanks to his sharp and probing mind and warm and charismatic personality, he will have a lasting influence on his many students and colleagues. Remembering a titan of law and philosophy: with Herb Morris: