What was your dissertation title and topic?

Never finished dissertation, topic was the concept of beauty in art theory.

What seminar stood out and influenced your thinking?

Philosophy of Mind and logic.

What, if anything, about the UCLA department’s culture and approach to philosophy has influenced your intellectual approach?

The main influence upon me was a view of discussions and arguments. The ability to distinguish between arguments from emotion and those from intellect where it is not easy to detect a difference: also to be aware of this in everyday conversation.

How have your philosophical interests changed since you were at UCLA?

I have become more interested in political philosophy, the old interest in aesthetics remains.

If your current career is inside of academia, what’s your favorite course to teach right now? Do you have a recent publication you’d like to mention?

I am now an artist. One of the areas of my art the Text / Conceptual series relies heavily on philosophy. This series can be seen on my website.