What were your favorite philosophy courses at UCLA?

Meta Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of Language, History of Philosophy.

Do you have a good story or two about the department?

Rogers Allbritton’s lectures were mesmerizing. Watching him wind a circuitous route through a topic all the while performing mental gymnastics was a highlight of my undergraduate experience. Also Philippa Foot explaining the intricacies of the Trolley problem and Natural Goodness was a very powerful experience.

Are there any philosophical issues, readings, or topics that have stayed with you since graduation?

Mind-body problem
Artificial Intelligence and its ethical implications
Moral Epistemology

Have you read any philosophy recently that you would recommend?

John Rawls, A Theory of Justice

What was your first job or endeavor after UCLA?

Product Analyst for Mazda Motor of America

What lessons or skills from philosophy do you use in your career?

Ability to reason and think critically. Construction of a cogent argument, becoming comfortable with abstract problems and ultimately learning to write clearly.

Do you have advice for current students or recent graduates about how to take advantage of and continue their philosophical education?

Follow your passions, always stay curious.