What were your favorite philosophy courses at UCLA?

Truth-Telling and Promising, Distributive Justice, Death

Do you have a good story or two about the department?

At the end of my senior year, someone had the brilliant idea to do a photo shoot for seniors graduating from the philosophy department. With a team of 20 or so philosophers, we set out to memorialize ourselves in the most iconic spots of UCLA: the steps of Powell Library, Royce Hall, and of course, the Dodd Reading Room. Now, documentation of us reading Kant’s First Critique upside-down and earpicking the Aristotle bust exists in perpetuity.

Do you have advice for current students or recent graduates about how to take advantage of and continue their philosophical education?

For current students: Good philosophy can happen outside the library or classroom.
For recent graduates: Stay in touch with people willing to talk shop about philosophy. Depending on where you are, philosophy nerds can be hard to find.