What were your favorite philosophy courses at UCLA?

Symbolic Logic, Philosophy of Psychology

What was your first job or endeavor after UCLA?

I received considerable support from an art history professor during my junior year at UCLA, and veered into art history before graduating and moving on to Harvard, where I received my MA in art history and took a museum studies course. While a graduate student doing research in New York City I taught art history at the School of Visual Arts. My first full-time position was as Asst. Professor of Art History at Scripps College/Asst. Director of the Galleries of the Claremont Colleges.

What lessons or skills from philosophy do you use in your career?

Symbolic logic prepared me for a career as an art historian, curator, and art critic. Writing philosophy papers on such topics as “Am I afraid of death?” and “The Argument from Illusion” honed my skills at critical analysis and also at writing.