What were your favorite philosophy courses at UCLA?

  • Existentialism
  • Intro to Greek Philosophy
  • Medieval Philosophy

Are there any philosophical issues, readings, or topics that have stayed with you since graduation?

Most probably the idea of Kant’s—if I remember this at all right!—that by virtue of your own behavior you are legislating behavior for everyone else. But, since I no doubt screwed that up, the power–and burden!-of critical thinking is what I most treasure about my major.

What was your first job or endeavor after UCLA?

Contributing editor, Los Angeles Magazine, then copywriting for philanthropic organizations—my proposals have helped to raise more than one billion dollars in private support on behalf of my clients.

What lessons or skills from philosophy do you use in your career?

Constructing a persuasive argument.

Do you have advice for current students or recent graduates about how to take advantage of and continue their philosophical education?

Not per se, but I would say in no uncertain terms, that the reason that philosophy was once known as the “queen of the sciences” is no accident — the discipline and rigors of philosophical study will stand you in good stead regardless of your occupation.