Alumni Page

Welcome to the UCLA Department of Philosophy Alumni Network!

We have put together the Alumni Network with three goals in mind.  One is to keep in more regular contact with our alumni through the network, and through our new biannual newsletter so that you can continue to participate in the life of the department.  We would love to see you at any of our conferences or colloquia.  Having some information about you allows us to keep you better informed about departmental events specifically relevant to you.

The second goal is to foster connections between our alumni.   We want to help you reconnect with the students who you studied alongside and to forge new connections with alumni who may share personal or professional interests with you.  Having your profile on the Alumni Network will allow you to re-establish old friendships, or to mentor a recent graduate.

Finally, we would like to present a full picture of the varied paths open to philosophy students and celebrate how philosophical study has facilitated the accomplishments, careers, and lives of our alumni.

In keeping with these aims, we are eager to learn more about you and how the study of philosophy has influenced your life.  A handful of questions appear below.  Answer as many or as few as you wish.  You may elect to share the information below just with the Department, in which case we will not share it publicly.   We hope you may be interested in electing to create a public profile that would be posted on line as part of the network. Please return to the site to update your profile regularly and to find out about your fellow graduates of the program.